Day 39: Robinsons to Wishingwell Campground

Stay or go

Distance: 22km (13.7 miles)

Today was wet, wet, wet! It rained so much that the Trans-Canada Highway was flooded in some parts. But surprisingly, the railway was still manageable for us (only just however).

We stopped for a little while at St. Fintan’s convenience store to make up our minds as to whether to continue or not. It looked like the weather was slightly improving, so we decided to hike a few more kilometres, and then leave the railway to try to get to Wishingwell Campground on the TCH. That track was a lot worse unfortunately, and at the end we had to cross a calf high brook. With water dripping from our shoes we finally reached the campground.

Stay or go
Shall we stay or shall we go?
walking in the rain
Walking in the rain…
St Fintan’s Convenience Store
St Fintan’s Convenience Store.
End good, all good!
End good, all good!

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