Day 5: Brigus Junction to Whitbourne

The Kings saved us from an extra 6km!

Distance: 19 km (11.8 miles)

Ponds and trees, that’s what we’ve mainly passed today. And lots of holiday cottages and beautiful houses that seemed to be permanently lived in. We didn’t expect so many houses along the trail, so we never felt very far from civilisation today.

We also noticed a lot of litter alongside the trail: not only cans and bottles, but also a boiler and even a toilet bowl. The ‘traffic’ we faced, consisted of only a couple of cars and ATV’s. We were really happy with them by the way: one ATV couple was kind enough to give us a ride later on from Whitbourne, with their car, to the motel we’d booked a couple of kilometers from the trail. That was more than welcome as we were at the end of our tether when we met them. Thanks Kings!

Ponds …
… and trees.
litter on the track
Litter on the track.
Roger and his wife saved us from an extra 6km!
The Kings saved us from an extra 6km!

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