Day 7: Long Harbour Station to Tickle Harbour Station

Dinner in Bellevue

Distance: 19km (11.8 miles)

We made good progress today: after Darrell dropped us off at Long Harbour Station, the track was very easy to walk on. We’ve been told that the cabin owners in this area have someone grade and clean up this section of the T’Railway every year. And we noticed: no litter at all, a wide trail, and a well maintained track. Perfect!

The scenery was a bit more open today, and we enjoyed nice vistas across the plains. As it was a Sunday, there were a lot of people out there again, mainly on their ATV’s. In the afternoon, a couple of them stopped to tell us there was a moose on the trail, close to a blue trailer. The blue trailer we had no problem to locate, but there was no sign of a moose. But at the blue trailer we met Donna and Jennifer, who invited us for a Jigg’s Dinner at Donna’s home, and we could stay for the night too! Who could refuse such a generous offer? So of course we said yes, and spent a great evening with them, their husbands Gerard and Kerry, and brothers Mike and Dave with their wives Rosalind and Helen. Thank you so much!

Into the great, wide open ...
Into the great, wide open …
Jigg’s Dinner
Having a Jigg’s Dinner at Donna’s and Gerards home.
Dinner in Bellevue
An unexpected end of the day: having dinner in Bellevue.

5 thoughts on “Day 7: Long Harbour Station to Tickle Harbour Station

  1. Wouldn’t expect anything different from those two….. my opinion may be biased though, they are two of my aunts on my Mom’s side. There have been many a wonderful meal served at that table. They learned to cook from the best too, my Grandmother Agnes. She has been gone now for awhile now, but she passed on a real gift to all her girls, and some of the boys too. You will have to drop in again some time when my Mother, Flos, is there, she makes the best homemade bread out of the bunch!!! Again my opinion may be biased (not really, it’s damn good bread)!

    1. Hello Shawn, thanks for your tip. We’ll try to drop by later this year, and hopefully (for us) your mother will be there too!

  2. Hello! Great to see having a wonderful time! Good luck and I am looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. The people of Newfoundland are amazing. Enjoy!

  3. So happy to hear that you enjoyed your evening in Bellevue! We were honoured to have you both as our guests. We will be following your blog as you make your way across this beautiful island and we’re hoping that there are sunny days ahead! Be sure to drop in on your road trip back through later in the summer. We’d love to hear about the rest of your adventure! Wishing you happy trails! Take Care!

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