Day 24: Grand Falls – Windsor to Thunder Brook

Distance: 14km (8.7 miles)

We thought we were travelling light but when we were in Grand Falls – Windsor we decided to shed some more weight to lighten the load on our backs (especially on B’s back ;)). And Port aux Basques is still a long way to go… We left some shirts behind, a down jacket, our spare shoes, our stove and kettle, and some Euro coins – very heavy and not of much use here.

We also decided to use our water filter a bit more. There is no need to carry a whole lot of water on the trail, because until now not a day has passed without access to a stream or a pond. Together our packs where about 4 or 5 kg lighter when we left Grand Falls – Windsor for Thunder Brook.

Thunder Brook is a stream more or less halfway between Grand Falls -Windsor and Badger. This was the first time we were going to wild camp as there was no accommodation available and we found Badger just a little bit too far for one day (31 km). We found a nice, sheltered spot close to the trail, the weather was good, and there was just enough wind to keep the mosquitoes away. Lucky us!

Shedding weight...
This is what we’ve left behind – at least half a backpack or so it seems.
Distance to Port aux Basques
We have still a long way to go, although not as long as this sign suggests, as the T’Railway is going to cut a huge corner soon. For us, it should read something like 154, 202, and 432.
Camping on the T’Raiway
Nice and sheltered place to camp.
Food in tree.
Are there bears in this area? Not sure, so better be safe than sorry.

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