Day 13: Port Blandford to Terra Nova

RV Park Terra Nova

Distance: 23km (14.3 miles)

This morning we took our bear bells out for the first time, but put them away again within half an hour or so because they drove us crazy. We hoped the sound of our feet and walking poles on the gravel made enough noise to keep the bears away. And that worked, because the only living creatures we met today were humans, birds and squirrels.

We had planned to camp in the RV park in the town of Terra Nova, but from Shirley from The Dep (the shop in Terra Nova) we learned that every spot in the RV Park was taken. But she told us we could probably set up our tent in our near the wooden shelter of the park. And so we did. The only minus was that The Dep didn’t sell camping gas that fitted our stove and as we had little left and wanted to keep that for our coffee breaks, we had to eat cold beans and vegetables for dinner. But never mind, we enjoyed our stay in this quiet little town!

The railway somewhere between Port Blandford and Terra Nova
The railway somewhere between Port Blandford and Terra Nova – it seems endless at times!
The Dep in Terra Nova town
Just arrived in Terra Nova town – first a coffee at the Dep and asking for camping opportunities.
Old train wagon
An old train wagon in Terra Nova, now in use as a holiday cabin.
RV Park Terra Nova
Setting up camp in the shelter of the RV park.
Evening dinner
Our evening dinner – we think our coffee break halfway the day is more important!

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