Day 37: St. George’s to St. Teresa

Not close to the ocean

Distance: 15km (9.5 miles)

We ended up in a totally different place this afternoon than we had anticipated. We thought we’d walk to a b&b in St Teresa which, according to the map we were using, was a community located right on the trail. But our b&b’s name was Oceanside, which didn’t make sense at all, because there was nowhere an ocean in sight at that location.

After we asked around a bit, it appeared we were at the former railway stop St Teresa, and not the community itself! But one of the locals was kind enough to give us a ride to the b&b, from where you could indeed see the ocean!

Not close to the ocean
Doesn’t look like we’re close to the ocean at all!
The water level left and right of the trail is almost as high as the railway bed.
Oceanside b&b
Found it (with some help): our b&b.

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