Day 0 – St. John’s – Pre-start

Jellybean row in St. John's

Before starting the T’Railway, we spent two days in St. John’s to get over our jet lag, to do some pre-hike shopping, and – of course – to visit the Railway Coastal Museum. It was a bit colder than we had anticipated (around 6 degrees Celsius when we arrived on June 1st). But at least it was dry, so we spent a lot of time outdoors, exploring the centre of St. John’s, the steep streets with the brightly coloured houses around Prescott Street, and even walked up to Signal Hill – as a kind of warming up for the T’Railway.

Newfoundland weather
The temperature in St. John’s was quite a shock to our system, coming from an unusually hot Spring in Europe.
Colourful houses in St. John’s
Whatever the weather, the many colourful houses in St. John’s give the city a sunny appearance.
Railway Coastal Museum St. John’s
A ‘must’ if you’re planning to hike the T’Railway: a visit to the Railway Coastal Museum on Water Street.
Outside the Railway Coastal Museum St. John’s
Railway locomotive and train cars outside the Railway Coastal Museum (in the background).
St. John’s Harbour
Hiking up Signal Hill, with halfway great views of St. John’s.
Queen's Battery
Gun batteries, standing guard over the narrow entrance to St. John’s harbour.
Cabot Tower
On top of Cabot Tower, the place where flag signals were given to the merchants, custom officials and harbour pilot, so they could prepare docking facilities for incoming vessels.

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  1. You guys are always a lot of fun to follow on your treks. You should save all this information and maybe publish a journal or travel magazine. All the best, Duncan and Shirley.

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