Day 36: Black Duck to St. George’s

Coffee at Stephenville Crossing

Distance: 23km (14.3 miles)

We’ve never been very early starters, but today we hit the road before 8 AM. During the night the water supply for the lodge we were staying was cut, so we could use the bathroom only once, and couldn’t make ourselves a cup of tea. But a few houses down the road there was a couple working on their garage, and they were more than happy to fill up our water bottles. And then we were ready to walk to Stephenville Crossing, and on to Saint George’s.

Stephenville Crossing is a community close to the sea, and there was quite some beach traffic passing through – this being a weekend. When we stopped to buy a coffee at the Irving Gas Station, we were in for a nice surprise. We were chatting to a couple of people waiting in line, and when it was our turn, it appeared that the lady before of us had paid for our drinks, just because she liked the fact that we were hiking across the island! Those Newfoundlanders continue to amaze us time and again!

Coffee at Stephenville Crossing
Enjoying our coffee at Stephenville Crossing – the benches even had cup holders.
Wild strawberries
Wild strawberries along the trail, small but delicious.
Trestle maintenance.
Trestle maintenance is a never ending concern – this one out of Stephenville Crossing definitely is a no go.
Black Bank Park
At the beach again, at Black Bank Park.

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