Day 41: South Branch to St. Andrew’s

loose gravel

Distance: 25km (15.5 miles)

We can feel Port aux Basques pulling us, but we’re not there yet. Actually, this was one of the hardest days on the trail. Because of the weather (hot and extremely humid), but also because of the trail conditions: gravel consisting of big, loose stones. Very, very hard to walk on for kilometers on end.

What didn’t help either, was that the trail wasn’t very interesting in this section, it was quite boring to be honest. For most of the day we were walking in a green tunnel, with not much to see on either side. Only when we had almost reached our destination, St. Andrews, the views opened up, and we could admire the remarkable silhouettes of the Long Range Mountains.

loose gravel
Imagine walking on this kind of gravel for a while!
sheltered track
A sheltered track (which makes it very hot).
Long Range Mountains
The Long Range Mountains are impressive from this side.

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