Day 38: St. Teresa to Robinsons

Fischells River

Distance: 21km (13 miles)

For two, three weeks we have always been looking for shadow when it was time to take a rest. But today was different: instead for shadow, we were looking for shelter from the rain. But the funny thing is, we ended up choosing the same kind of spot as we often chose before: under a railway trestle.

Today’s trestle was beautiful because it spanned a deep river gorge with high, white cliffs, reminding us a little bit of the white cliffs of Dover. Soon after however, we decided to leave the railway to continue on the main road to Robinson’s. Not because of the condition of the track this time, but because of the many many mosquitoes that harassed us. Never thought they could make our lives that difficult!

Fischells River
Seeking shelter from the rain under a trestle.
Fischells River
Deep gorge with white cliffs at Fischells River.
Rain in Robinson’s
Rain, rain, rain in Robinson’s.

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