Day 27: Millertown Jct to Quarry

A rod and worms

Distance: 26km (16.1 miles)

We left the Lingard family early this morning for Quarry, the place where much of the granite came from that was used in the construction of the old railway station in St. John’s.

It was a hot and windy day and soon after we set out we met two ATV-ers from Badger, who were on their way to the Mary March trestle to go fishing. They told us there was a spring just 1 km before the trestle, the same spring Mont Lingard had mentioned the previous day. We had no trouble finding it, and filled our water bottles there with fresh water.

When the fishermen came back a couple of hours later, they had a nice surprise: they had made a small fishing rod for us, and offered us worms too, so we could go fishing when we reached Quarry. They even explained where we would find a good fishing spot to try to catch a few trout. What a great gift! Unfortunately we’re not great fishermen, and didn’t manage to catch any. So it was a freeze dried meal instead!

A rod and worms
We are offered a rod and worms!
Spring water
Spring water – with cups supplied.
Railway car turned cabin
An old railway car converted to a cabin.
Camping spot
We found a beautiful spot close to this river to set up our tent.

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