Day 12: Thorburn Lake to Port Blandford

Walking along the Trans-Canada Highway

Distance: 13km (7.5 miles)

It was a short day today, as we only had to walk to Port Blandford. But before we could pick up the T’Railway this morning, we first had to walk 20 minutes along the Trans-Canada Highway. Soon after we had hit the track again we saw our very first moose of this trip. He (or she) didn’t want to have his picture taken though and moved away before we could come any closer.

Port Blandford is a quiet community at the bottom of Clode Sound, and very close to Terra Nova National Park. It used to have a railway station as well of course, but that burnt down in 1978 and was never replaced. Elsie, our B&B (Serendipity) host took us on a shopping trip to the petrol station to buy supplies for the next few days and was kind enough to give us a little sightseeing tour on the way home. Thanks Elsie, you live in a beautiful area!

Walking along the Trans-Canada Highway
Walking along the Trans-Canada Highway for the first couple of kilometers.
Picking up the T’Railway
Trying to get back to the T’Railway again.
Railway bridge into Port Blandford
The railway bridge into Port Blandford.
Close Sound, from the railway bridge
Close Sound, from the railway bridge.

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