Day 31: Deer Lake to Corner Brook

Lunch spot along Deer Lake

Distance: 51km (31.7 miles)

No, we didn’t walk 51 km today, we just hiked half of that distance, about 25 km (15.5 miles), from Deer Lake to Pasadena. Between Pasadena and Corner Brook there is not much of the original rail track left; it has been used for the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway. There is even a section close to Steady Brook where there is no other option than walking on the TCH. So we took the island bus DRL-LR, to get from Pasadena to Corner Brook.

The track from Deer Lake to Pasadena runs alongside, but above the shore of Deer Lake. Luckily there were a few spots where we actually had access to the water. One of them did make a great lunch spot, as it had two picnic tables and a couple of chairs waiting for us!

Deer Lake shore
Hiking along the shore of Deer Lake.
Deer Lake access
We didn’t get to see much of the lake though.
Lunch spot along Deer Lake
Apart from this nice beach with picnic table and chairs waiting for us – just in time for our lunch!
Bus to Corner Brook
And continuing by bus to Corner Brook.

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