Day 20: Notre Dame Jct. to Norris Arm

Fishermen from Glenwood.

Distance: 14km (8.7 miles)

We had only walked 20 minutes today when somebody on the track stopped his car for a chat. He owned a couple of trailers a bit further up the road, and was on his way out. He immediately pointed out to us where we could find his trailers, and said we were welcome to use his gazebo for lunch if we wanted to. We didn’t, because we had just started, but appreciate gestures like these enormously!

Just before we reached Norris Arm, we ran into a group of ATV’ers, who were on their way home from a multi-day fishing trip. They stopped their engines and came out of their ATV’s to have chat with us. It was so much fun talking to them!

We’ll stop in Norris Arm for a few days, to wait for the rain to pass and give B’s shin a rest – it begins to protest a little because of overuse. Not the worst place to be stuck; we have a great view out of our cabin window on Norris Arm.

Kelly Kettle Tea.
Starting the day with a tea brewed with help of the Kelly Kettle – Rob seems to get the hang of it.
Fishermen from Glenwood.
A couple of fishermen from Glenwood – a very nice encounter!
Almost in Norris Arm
Almost in Norris Arm, but always enjoying a chat.
The view on Norris Arm from our cabin window.
The view on Norris Arm from our cabin window.

2 thoughts on “Day 20: Notre Dame Jct. to Norris Arm

  1. Are sure that those guys were not from the fire brigade being alerted by all the smoke from Robs Kelly Kettle?

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