Day 33: Mount Moriah to Beaver Pond

Deeper valleys, steeper slopes.

Distance: 24km (15.9 miles)

Leaving Mount Moriah, we started climbing right away, and we continued to climb for most of the day, which is not surprising if you’ve seen the mountains around Corner Brook. It’s amazing that the people who planned the railway still found such a gentle way to head southward.

Though we’ve passed the highest point of the railroad already, at the Topsails, the area we’re walking through at the moment feels higher, because the valleys are deeper and the slopes steeper. Those are the Long Range Mountains. The area also feels quite remote: no power lines, no roads, no settlements, just a few cabins, the rail track, and us again!

Nice day walking
Such a nice day for a walk!
Deeper valleys, steeper slopes.
The slopes are steeper, the valleys are deeper now.
Camping at Beaver Pond
A tiny camp spot at Beaver Pond.

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