Day 26: Badger to Millertown Jct

BBQ chicken with beer

Distance: 25km (15.5 miles)

We left the Exploits River behind us, as well as the Trans-Canada Highway. For the next couple of days it is just us and the railway track. Well, not just us – of course there are other users (mainly ATV-ers) and cabin owners too. But we’re definitely entering the most remote section of the T’Railway.

This was the moment our water filter broke down – bad timing! After inspection it turned out it was just the active charcoal filter that had stopped working, and the ceramic filter was okay. As the charcoal filter is for chemical pollution, we shouldn’t have to worry too much about that.

It was 25 km to Millertown Junction, so quite a long day for us. Fortunately, just before we reached our destination, we came across Jordan, who said we should stop at the yellow cabin at the lakeside. He assured us the people staying at the cabin would welcome us.

And sure enough, when we spotted the yellow cabin, with about 20 people sitting on the porch, one of them came out to greet us an invite us in. This was Brad, Jordan’s father, and the cabin turned out to be Mont Lingard’s, Brad’s father, and writer of a couple of books about the railway. What followed was an unforgettable evening with Brad, Craig, Lizzy, Cory, Alycia, and their children and grandchildren. Surely a night to remember!

24 kms to Millertown Junction
A fairly long day for us: still 24 km from here.
BBQ chicken with beer
Beer steamed chicken on the bbq – tasted really good!
Cabin in Millertown Junction
We spent a great night with the Lingard family at their cabin in Millertown Junction.
Polar bear skin
Even tried on the skin of a polar bear!

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