Day 14: Terra Nova to Maccles Lake

Macles Lake cabin

Distance: 23km (14.3 miles)

We had a late start this morning: The Dep didn’t open till ten o’clock, and since we liked to have a hot tea for breakfast, we decided to leave a little bit later than usual. And we were so glad we did – while talking to Shirley she arranged a very nice b&b for us for that night in Glovertown with Bev and Brian – who were willing to pick us up from the junction with Station Road and Stag Pond Road. It can sometimes be hard to find accommodation close the T’Railway, so we very much appreciated her help!

Soon after we left, we saw our first bear. It was kind of funny, because he seemed as much surprised to see us as we were surprised to see him. He must have been quite young, because he wasn’t very big. When he moved away, after we made some noice with a whistle, we took our bear bells out again and continued. Five minutes later, there he was again. This time we took the bear banger out and fired two shots. He did’t move one inch. Only when he felt ready, he left again, to show up for a third time a couple of minutes later. This time we just shouted and waved, and that seemed to do the trick – never saw him again.

A smaller kind of wildlife that troubled us much more today, where the black flies. They were truly relentless! We couldn’t stop for just one minute – with or without wind. It was almost impossible to have a relaxed break. We were glad with the NLSF shelter that we found close to Maccles Lake – gave us a much needed relief!

And finally, just before we reached Stag Pond, we saw a coyote on the railway. Didn’t really know what to do or not do, but fortunately it just ran away when we came closer. Well, that was enough excitement for one day, and we were very happy with Bev’s and Brians beautiful place in Glovertown, and the Newfounland Lassy bread they had ready for us, very tasteful!

Macles Lake cabin
Another railway car turned into a cabin, somewhere between Terra Nova and Maccles Lake.
Bear on the track!
Bear on the track!
Black flies
But those guys are really a nuisance!
NLSF shelter
The NLSF shelter, we really needed this one to get away from the flies.
Newfoundland Lassy Bread
Enjoying coffee and Newfoundland Lassy Bread.

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