Day 2: Paradise to Kelligrews

Conception Bay Shore

Distance: 21km (13 miles)

This is only our second day on the trail, but there are a couple of things that already strike us. The first is that the people are so very polite and friendly. They always stop when we want to cross a street, and some of them even give us their contact details would we need support (thanks David and Norma!)

The second thing that strikes us, is the speed with which the temperature can rise (and drop again). Yesterday it felt like winter, and today, not even 24 hours later, the temperature had risen about 20 degrees! That made for a very fine walking day!

We’re still in an urban area of course, but the trail passed through beautiful forests. The fine gravel of the first day sometimes made way for bigger stones, which made our hiking a bit more slow, but the surroundings sure made up for this.

slower hiking
Hiking was a bit slower sometimes, due to the larger gravel stones
Topsail Railway Stop
Topsail Railway Stop – at 13 miles (21km) from St. John’s
taking a break
Taking a break
Manuels Valley Bridge
On the bridge over Manuels River
Conception Bay Shore
Conception Bay Shore – with Bell Island in the background

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Paradise to Kelligrews

  1. As long as you bring a spare set of tires and a repair kit, you’d be ok we guess. There’s a lot of gravel on the trail.

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