Day 21: Norris Arm to Jumpers Brook

A & B Variety

Distance: 16km (9.9 miles)

We have never experienced such abrupt weather changes as in Newfoundland. Yesterday it was 2°C with snow and rain, and today was 21°C, cloudy with sunny spells!

Anyway, we were out hiking again this morning. We covered 16 km until Jumpers Brook – halfway Bishop’s Falls – and arranged a pick-up from there back to our cabin in Norris Arm.

The trail was very straight at places; sometimes we could see kilometres ahead. Incredible what those railway workers did more than a hundred years ago: building a railway right through this wet area. And they did a good job at that: the railway bed didn’t sink back into the swamp, it’s still very accessible. What an achievement!

This part of the T’Railway is just one straight line!
This part of the T’Railway is just one straight line!
A & B Variety
A friendly little shop with just about everything you might need, even a hot hamburger: A & B Variety.
Newfoundland Power Rattling Brook
The surge tower of Newfoundland Power’s hydro electric generating station at Rattling Brook.
Rattling Brook
Rattling Brook.
Norris Arm
Back at ‘our’ cabin in Norris Arm.

2 thoughts on “Day 21: Norris Arm to Jumpers Brook

  1. Hello Rob and Boukeline,
    We have not forgotten you, still checking out your adventure. We sometimes wish we were there with you both; other times maybe not, owing to the fact that we are fair-weather hikers, and being Australian and a bit wimpish with cold weather.
    It looks as though you are averaging about 18-20km a day and still going strong, those Aarn backpacks look good.
    We will be interested to know if the trip could be done by mountain bike. And your favourite place so far. The places you have shown are interesting. Keep up the good work.
    Be in touch again soon.
    Cheers, Richard and Gloria

  2. Hi Richard & Gloria,

    Fair weather is something we haven’t got here yet. We are either freezing or boiling, all within one day (in Australia they would probably say this in a different way :)). So if you’re in for fair weather, at least this season, NFL is not the place to be.

    At the moment the average we are doing a day is dropping rapidly because B’s shin problems. We’ll probably make it to Grands Fall Windsor and see what happens from there. The Aarn packs are great indeed.

    For biking we think some parts of the trail are really hard going because of all the lose stones they put on it for maintenance purpose. So if you want to cycle the whole track you would definitely need the wide tires. Parts of the track outside communities will be better because there it seems they don’t throw that may stones on it. The best thing to do if you plan a partial trip is to check with the T’Railway Council for which parts are the best for regular tires.

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