Day 29: Chain Lakes to Howley

Young moose close to Howley

Distance: 28km (17.4 miles)

Apparently there is a couple one day ahead of us, also walking the T’Railway. We don’t know them, we have never met them, but we know their names (Simon and Julie), we think we know where they’re from (Vancouver and/or Ottawa), and we even know what they look like (as we’ve seen pictures of them).

All this we know from the different ATV-ers we meet on the track every day and from the owners of the cabins we pass. They are our main source of any kind of information. Not just about other people, but also about the weather forecast, about the exact location of a spring, about any wildlife sightings, etc.

Howley, our destination for the day, is known for its moose. In 1904 seven moose were captured in the Miramichi forests in New Brunswick and brought to Newfoundland. Three didn’t survive the journey, and the remaining four were released in Howley. They did well: it is estimated that there are about 120,000 moose on the island at present. One of them we spotted today, only a short distance from where his distant forefather was released.

Spring water.
Another spring today, exactly as indicated by Floyd.
Railway cars cabins
Around Kitty’s Brook we passed quite a few railway cars that were converted to cabins.
The Last Run
We like the name of this one: The Last Run.
Converted snow plow car
And another one: a converted snow plow car.
Howley moose
A young moose, very close to Howley.

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