Day 3: Kelligrews to Holyrood

Nalcor’s jetty

Distance: 17km (10.5 miles)

A foggy, chilly day today, while we’re walking along the shore of Conception Bay. We only got to see the ocean the first half of the day though, the second half we could only see glimpses of it through the trees. It’s maybe hard to imagine, but during WW-II German U-boats ventured into this bay, and torpedoed ships carrying iron-ore from the mines on Bell Island.

Maybe because of the weather, we didn’t see any hikers or bikers, just two workers who got stuck with their truck on the trail, due to the many loose rocks (which were not only hard to walk on, but apparently also difficult to drive on). Halfway our day we passed the three stacks of Nalcor’s electric generating station, and the pier where the fuel for the plant is offloaded. The pipeline that transports the fuel to the plant runs parallel to the trail. Unfortunately the wind conditions were such that the downwash of the chimneys was right on the trail. It didn’t smell very pleasant for a while, but we picked up the clean NL air a bit further on again. A bit closer to Holyrood we passed the many oil storage tanks of the plant.

Holyrood itself seems like a nice, sheltered little town, with a picturesque harbour. Besides the obvious yachts, there was also a bright orange locomotive from earlier days on display.

Conception Bay Shoreline
Walking along the shoreline of Conception Bay towards Holyrood.
Approaching Nalcor’s electricity plant
Approaching Nalcor’s electricity plant.
Nalcor’s jetty
Jetty for oil delivery to the electricity plant.
oil storage tanks
Oil storage tanks.
remnants of the railway
Remnants of the railway.
Holyrood’s harbour
Holyrood’s harbour.
old locomotive in Holyrood
This old locomotive found its final resting place in Holyrood’s harbour.

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