Day 23: Bishop’s Falls to Grand Falls – Windsor

between Bishop’s Falls and Grand Falls - Windsor

Distance: 12km (7.5 miles)

The walk from Bishop’s Falls to Grand Falls – Windsor was beautiful, but quite uneventful. (We’re maybe getting spoilt and are becoming used to our scenic surroundings every day.) Anyway, we found ourselves thinking about food a lot, and even preparing a mental shopping list. Now that we’re reaching Grand Falls – Windsor, we’re starting to think of all the fresh fruits and vegetables we’re going to eat, mmm!

Getting our stomachs filled everyday isn’t very difficult, but we’re mostly getting our food from the convenience stores in the communities along the route, and often they don’t carry anything fresh, besides the odd tomato or banana.

So the first thing we did after arriving in Grand Falls – Windsor was go shopping – also because the next day would be Canada Day, and shops would be closed. We went to Dollarama (for their delicious dried mango slices, and trail mix), to Dominion (for oatmeal, fresh fruits, yoghurt, chocolate, and a new bottle of witch hazel to treat our itching mosquito bites), and finally to Canadian Tire (to buy some sachets of freeze dried food for our next section of the trail). No such luck for that last item sadly.

Doesn’t matter much though, because we’ve decided to take a week rest in Grand Falls – Windsor to give Boukeline’s shin a chance to heal. There’s enough to occupy us: first there’s Canada Day, then there’s the Mary March Provincial Museum, with exhibits about the history of this region. And finally there’s the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, which is really one of the main attractions of this town.

between Bishop’s Falls and Grand Falls - Windsor
We’re getting used to this kind of view – we’re getting spoilt!
Green salad at Tim Horton’s
Yes! Some greens at Tim Horton’s.
Shopping items
You don’t realize how much all this weighs until you put it in your backpack!
Very old loc outside the Mary March Provincial Museum.
Very old loc outside the Mary March Provincial Museum.
Wet Canada Day in Great Falls - Windsor
Sadly not the best weather for a great Canada Day.

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