Day 9: Arnold’s Cove to Trailside Motel

Breakfast at Robin’s

Distance: 24km (15 miles)

Like we mentioned before, the town of Arnold’s Cove is a couple of kilometers away from Arnold’s Cove Station. But we were able to skip the boring 2km of road walking to pick up the trail again, because Robin’s Donut Shop agreed to pick us up to have breakfast at their location on the Trans-Canada Highway. They do deliveries, and in our case their breakfast delivery turned into a pick up of the breakfast eaters!

It was quiet walking today: we didn’t see anybody on the T’Railway. Also no cabins, just a couple of tiny settlements. The trail was running mostly parallel to the Trans-Canada Highway, so we could hear the traffic at times. And, because we had a back wind, we could smell the Come By Chance Refinery very clearly the first part of the morning.

We stopped just past Goobies, at the Trailside Motel & Restaurant, located almost on the T’Railway – very convenient!

Breakfast at Robin’s
Breakfast at Robin’s
The Oil Refinery in Come By Chance
The Oil Refinery in Come By Chance.
Quiet hiking day
A quiet hiking day, also because of the fog.
No people today, but we met this inquisitive robin (?)
Trailside Motel
Our stop for the night: the Trailside Motel just past Goobies.

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  1. I believe the bird in your picture is a Pine Grosbeak, but that’s just my guess. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. Thanks for posting.

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