Day 15: Maccles Lake to Gambo

midday coffee break

Distance: 19km (11.8 miles)

Brian brought us back to the place where he and Bev had picked us up yesterday and we were on our way to Gambo. We only took a few pictures today, as it started to rain when we left and didn’t stop until we reached Gambo. But we really cannot do without a midday break, so we set up a kind of temporary ‘shelter’ to make our coffee. The good thing about it all was that there were (almost) no flies to bother us!

Once in Gambo, the trail passes the village green, with an old railway car, converted to washrooms, a bell (standard equipment of any train engine owned by the Newfoundland Railway), and a railway speeder. A speeder is a small transport vehicle that was – among other things – used to follow the trains to watch for sparks from the friction between the train’s wheels and the track, especially during braking.

midday coffee break
Our midday coffee breaks are sacred!
Train car converted to washrooms in Gambo.
Train car converted to washrooms in Gambo.
Railway speeder
Railway speeder, on the village green in Gambo.

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