Day 34: Beaver Pond to Gallants

Camp 7 Convenience Store

Distance: 18km (11.2 miles)

Today we’ve seen significantly more people than yesterday. In the morning we were walking along the shore of Georges Lake, a big, beautiful lake with quite a few cabins around, especially once we’d passed Spruce Brook.

One of the cabin owners offered us chaga, a drink made by steeping a fungus that grows on birch for a couple of hours in water – at least, that’s how he made it. Chaga is said to be very high in antioxidants and has multiple health benefits. The taste we find hard to describe, but it was quite refreshing actually.

At the south end of Georges Lake the water flows into Harry’s River, and we followed it until it reached Gallants, a former railway stop. We had read somewhere that you could have a hamburger or a poutine at Camp 7 Convenience store, and since we’re always on the lookout for an alternative to our freeze-dried meals when camping, this seemed like a good idea. However, as this wasn’t a Saturday, the kitchen was closed. Bad luck! We had a big bag of corn chips and a soft drink instead, and figured the chaga would surely make up for this unhealthy choice!

Just a bit south of Gallants we stopped for the day, and found a sheltered camping spot near the river, making this a relatively short day.

Walking along Georges Lake
Walking along Georges Lake.
A chipmunk checking out Rob’s cell phone.
Camp 7 Convenience Store
Camp 7 Convenience Store in Gallants.

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