Day 30: Howley to Deer Lake

Walking along the Main Dam.

Distance: 26km (16.2 miles)

We started out in a totally different world today, with lakes, sandy beaches and a huge dam, the Main Dam. On one side of the dam lies Grand Lake, one of the largest lakes in Newfoundland, and on the other side lies Junction Brook. As a hiker, you can walk right across the bottom of this dam, at the Junction Brook side, almost surreal!

Just past the Main Dam the landscape changed again. For a couple of kilometres we followed the dirt road along the river, to escape the loose railway gravel for a while, which we found very hard going.

We had hoped to spot caribou in this area, as we were getting closer to Deer Lake. The word ‘deer’ in ‘Deer Lake’ refers to caribou – the first Europeans who settled in this area had never seen caribou before (like us), and called them ‘deer’. But alas … we only saw their footprints.

Leaving Howley.
Leaving Howley – a totally different world at the other side of town.
Sandy beaches
Sandy beaches and a sandy trail.
Main Dam staircase
Descending the steps to the bottom of the Main Dam.
Walking along the Main Dam.
Walking along the bottom of the Main Dam. The train used to ride right on top of it.
Resting at the dam
Having a rest at the other side of the dam.

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