Day 32: Corner Brook to Mount Moriah

train driver

Distance: 8km (5.6 miles)

Corner Brook is a good place to stop for one or two days, and get supplies for the last section of the T’Railway, and that’s exactly what we did. (Apart from trying to buy a car for when we’re done walking, but that’s another story 🙁)

What’s really worth visiting in Corner Brook is the Railway Society of Newfoundland, housed in a converted railway shed on Riverside Drive. There are several train cars on display there, a diner and sleeper car, a snow plow car and a locomotive. We’ve seen most of them before, but this is the only place where you’re allowed to go inside and actually sit on the chairs in the diner or take the driver’s seat in the loc!

While staying in Corner Brook, we decided to hike the trail that takes you out of town, and take the bus back to our hotel. We don’t like hiking too much through residential neighbourhoods with our heavy packs on our backs, so this way we’re able to start on the outskirts of town when we’re ready to set off again. There were quite a few sections of the railway missing again here, and where we had to use the regular roads. Not a big problem however, as this was a quiet neighbourhood, and not the TCH!

Historic train site Corner Brook
Historic train site at Riverside Drive.
Dining car train
Would love to have a meal here!
Kitchen galley in train
Everything prepared in this tiny kitchen in a rocking train – amazing!
train driver
Looks like a nice job, but probably no women driver’s in those railway days.
Out of Corner Brook
Bye bye Corner Brook.

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