Day 11: Clarenville to Thorburn Lake

Train loc in Clarenville

Distance: 23km (14.3 miles)

The track out of Clarenville first led us past the old railway station, which is now a Masonic centre and a Heritage Museum. The museum was closed at that hour of the day, but we had a quick peek into the locs and train cars before we moved on.

Soon the trail became very hard to walk on, because it was covered with big gravel stones, possibly because the railway here is also used as a snowmobile trail. As we continued along the Shoal Harbour River slowly but surely it became a bit easier fortunately.

After a couple of hours, just before we reached Thorburn Lake, there was a nice warm-up shelter – a perfect place for a rest before we reached our final destination for the day: Lakeside at Thorburn.

Clarenville’s old railway station
Clarenville’s old railway station.
Railway station Clarenville
The museum was closed, but there were a couple of trains and locs on display outside.
Train loc in Clarenville
Having a quick look inside one of the locs.
T’Railway out of Clarenville
The T’Railway out of Clarenville, hard walking on big stones.
Warm-up shelter near Thorburn Lake
Warm-up shelter near Thorburn Lake.
Lakeside at Thorburn
We made it to Lakeside at Thorburn!

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