Day 6: Whitbourne to Long Harbour Station

traffic on the trail

Distance: 23.5km (14.5 miles)

We could tell it was a Saturday today: a lot of people on the track on motorbikes, ATV’s and in cars. Not that we minded: a few of them stopped for a chat, so from time to time we had a nice chat with some Newfoundlanders.

The owner of the Moorland Motel in Whitbourne dropped us off this morning on the intersection of the T’Railway with the 100, so we missed Whitbourne station and the museum there (yesterday we had come off the trail before we reached the station to do some much needed shopping in Whitbourne’s minimarket).

After an hour and a half we passed Placentia Junction, where the railway branched off to Placentia. According to the sign, we are now 61.6 miles (99km) from St. John’s and 486.2 miles (782.5km) from Port aux Basques. Still a long way to go!

As we couldn’t find a place to stay near the railway, we booked a B&B in Chapel Arm for the night. Luckily Darrell and Cathy, the owners of the B&B, agreed to pick us up from Long Harbour Station. Half an hour before we reached this junction, we were invited for a cup of tea by Ken, Cathy’s brother in law, who was at his cabin at Coles Pond. Very much appreciated, as it was a wet and windy day again!

wet and windy on the track
Wet and windy today on the track.
traffic on the trail
But we were definitely not the only people outside in this weather.
Placentia Jct.
Still a long way to go to Port aux Basques.
Tea at Ken’s cabin
Having tea at Ken’s cabin.

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