Day 4: Holyrood to Brigus Junction

Avondale Station

Distance: 20km (12.5 miles)

This was the first day of the trail that started to feel a little bit remote. There was no signposting anymore — not that it would be easy to get lost on a railway track like this one — but the area is definitely a lot less populated. Apart from Holyrood and Avondale, there’s just the occasional house now and then.

Also, it was the first time we noticed that we had to climb a bit. A long, gradual climb, like you would imagine for a railroad track.

Halfway to Gushue’s Pond Park, where we planned to stay for the night, we reached Avondale railway station. The museum wasn’t open when we passed, but we were allowed to have a peak inside nonetheless. Avondale is the oldest railway station in Newfoundland. Outside are a couple of old railway cars, a locomotive, a snow plow car, and a speeder on display. What’s really impressive, is the snow plow car. We couldn’t believe how big it was. We had seen footage of it in the Railway Coastal Museum in St. John’s, but to admire it from up close was really something.

We ended the day at Gushue’s Pond, a couple of kilometers from Brigus Junction, where we set up camp, together with the mosquitos, in Gushue’s Pond Provincial Park.

Up and down the TRailway
Up and down the TRailway.
Avondale Station
Avondale Station.
Lunch at Avondale Station
The station makes for a good lunch stop.
Snow plow car
An impressive snow plow car.
Avondale original rail track
Walking over a 3km section of original rail track near Avondale.
Gushue’s pons
Setting up camp at Gushue’s pond.


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