Day 35: Gallants to Black Duck Siding

Walking to Dhoon Lodge

Distance: 19km (11.8 miles)

It was about 30°C when we had our break this morning, and we were wearing our rain coats! The reason? Those tenacious mosquitoes! Just wearing a long sleeved shirt isn’t enough to keep them from reaching your skin. You would need something more impenetrable, and our rain coats were the only thing we could think of.

But apart from that, it was a great day again. Harry’s River is a good river for trout and salmon fishing apparently, as we saw quite a few people trying to catch a few.

Further on, the railway leaves Harry’s River and continues through wetlands to Black Duck Siding. That’s where we left the trail to get to Dhoon Lodge, to enjoy a much needed shower, a good meal, and a comfortable bed, pure bliss!

Fisherman in Harry’s River.
Fisherman in Harry’s River.
Wearing insect repellent clothing
Insect repellent clothing.
Mosquito heaven
Mosquito heaven …
Walking to Dhoon Lodge
Cannot wait to reach Dhoon Lodge.

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