Day 22: Jumpers Brook to Bishop’s Falls

Bishop’s Falls - mile 267

Distance: 13km (8.1 miles)

Usually it doesn’t make a big difference for a hiker if there’s a tail wind or a head wind. Of course it is more comfortable to walk with a tail wind, but your walking speed doesn’t get affected a great deal. Today however, it did. We faced a strong head wind as soon as we’d passed the trestle that led us into Bishop’s Falls, and that slowed us down considerably.

This trestle is the longest one in Newfoundland: it’s 282.5 meters (927 feet) long and spans across the Exploits River. Apparently it was very difficult to build this one: several attempts failed before it was finally completed in 1901.

In Bishop’s Falls, the former railway station is still there, now in use as a Heritage Centre. Outside there is a sign that says we’re 267 miles (430km) from St. John’s, this means we’re more or less halfway now! (The complete trail being 542 miles – 873 km.)

A safe crossing of the Trans Canada Highway close to Bishop’s Falls.
Crossing the Exploits River into Bishop’s Falls.
Using the trestle to get to Bishop’s Falls.
Bishop’s Falls trestle
Again, the Bishop’s Falls trestle: impressive!
Bishop’s Falls - mile 267
According to this sign, we’re almost halfway…
Old CN train on display outside the Heritage Museum.
Old CN train on display outside the Heritage Museum.

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