Day 16: Gambo to Benton

Filling water bottles from a spring.

Distance: 23km (14.3 miles)

There have been a couple of minor changes today:

1. Half of the black flies seem to have turned into mosquitoes overnight – or nippers as they call them here. Haven’t decided yet which ones we hate most …

2. The trail is suddenly a lot easier to walk on. Until now some sections of the track were covered with fairly big pebble-stones. That may be more convenient to ATV’s, but it’s definitely not very comfortable for hikers. Hope it stays this way!

3. The forest seemed to get a bit more varied. Not only pine and fur trees anymore, but also quite a few birches – we like this change too! We read that there’s a company that will use birch sap from an area close to Benton for a health drink. (Haven’t seen in yet in the shops though.)

Filling water bottles from a well.
Filling up our water bottles from a well close to Gambo, brought to our attention by our B&B host.
Multi-purpose trail
Does this mean easier hiking? We surely do hope so!
Railway Bridge over Butts Pond.
Puddles on the trail
Navigating the many puddles after yesterday’s rain (not the Kiwi way though ;).
Coffee break T’Railway
Taking a coffee break today proved to be a lot easier than yesterday!

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