Day 25: Thunder Brook to Badger

Slugs close to our heads

Distance: 17km (10.5 miles)

We woke up this morning with slugs only a couple of centimetres from our heads, but outside our mesh inner tent fortunately. Maybe it was the heavy rainfall of yesterday evening and night that brought them out. Anyway, it reminded us of our nephew who, when tenting, slid his bare feet into his sneakers and noticed some slugs wriggling around his toes. So we checked our walking shoes thoroughly!

There’s another animal we saw a lot of today (and the last few days of the trail as well for that matter): frogs. Most of them dead, but occasionally one that was still alive. If we were French, we could easily feed ourselves on all the frogs and slugs around!

Today we found ourselves walking between the Trans-Canada Highway and the Exploits River. The Exploits River is the longest river in Newfoundland: 246 km/153 miles long. The section we were walking along today was used to drive logs from this area to the sawmill at Botwood. This was called the ‘Badger Drive’. Today there’s not much to remind us of this past. Badger is a quiet little town, popular for its fishing opportunities (Badger is surrounded by three rivers: the Exploits River, the Red Indian River, and Badger River.) And fortunately it had a convenience store, because this is the last place where we could buy food before Howley, which is a 4 – 5 day walk from here.

Slugs close to our heads
Waking up with slugs close to our heads.
One of the few living frogs we’ve seen.
Exploits River
The Exploits River was our companion for the day.
Filtering water
We’re carrying less water, so have to use our water filter a bit more.

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