We just love long distance walking. The ultimate long distance walk however – the TransCanada Trail – would be a bit too much for us. However, the first (or last) part of it, the Newfoundland T’Railway, would certainly be doable. It’s a 873 km long (542 miles) trail, and since we’ve done more hikes this length, in June 2018 we packed our bags and set out on this adventure.

The T’Railway follows an old, 1458 km (906 miles) long railway line that runs from St John’s to Port aux Basques. In 1898 the first train travelled over this line and the trip took 28 hours to complete! The railway was in use for almost a hundred years, until 1988. In that year the rails were removed, but the trestles and bridges remained, like the railway bed.

In 1997 the railway got a new life when it was turned into a provincial park. The former rail bed, together with the bridges and trestles, was turned into a very long park to be enjoyed by hikers like us, among others.

Please come along and join us on our adventure!